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Build Assurance of Integrity in Application, Runtime, System, and Infrastructure


Information security posture can be qualified as "the provable quotient of integrity in each component handling information to be kept secure."

Decomposed, this concept becomes:

  1. Determination of what "keeping the data secure" means in the operating context.

  2. Enumeration of components at every logical tier - systems, software, SoA's, and humans.

  3. A rational mechanism and scale for measuring integrity across components.

  4. A definition of "proof" relative to the measurements of integrity.

Semper Victus consultants help clients specify these definitions for each use case, achieve situational awareness, implement defensive controls, training, and effect autonomous or human response to adverse events. Through years of ground-level experience and industry partnerships our teams have learned to build technical and human assets for organizations of varying sizes and security-relevant contexts. These capabilities provide our clients with the choice of  engaging in training to acquire these capabilities internally, or have the technologies deployed to assist their existing operations.


Either through independent engagement or in tandem with in-house assets, our consultants help train users, developers, and engineers in secure operating practices. Client objectives, embedded operations, and social engineering engagements inform subjects and priorities for training in specific engagements or as an ongoing practice. The value of security-conscious users, developers, and engineers cannot be understated to the ongoing integrity of any organization - the human element is always available to the attacker.


Semper Victus consultants provide code, infrastructure, and physical security reviews; as well as conduct simulated hostile actions against client objectives to find weak spots in order to harden them before they are leveraged by the adversary. Utilizing state-of-the-industry tools, and sometimes creating them, security consultants develop a contextual understanding of the client environment from the perspectives of defenders and attackers alike. Key information and components are identified, weaknesses and objective priorities enumerated, and remedial plans created. Subsequent hardening efforts are conducted at the clients' direction or in concert with internal staff.

Forward Deployed

Physical security for staff and assets is an unfortunate necessity in hostile operating environments. Qualified entities authorized to operate in such environments may request services from veteran consultants to help assess, train, and prepare for operations in kinetic threat conditions.

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